How to Play 75 Ball Bingo (US Version)

One of the most popular bingo variants is 75-ball bingo. This bingo game is available at many bingo sites because it is easy to play, exciting and extremely entertaining. Of course, 75-ball bingo has some unique characteristics that make it different than all the other bingo games. For example, as the name suggests, this bingo variant is played with 75 bingo balls and the bingo tickets are not the same as the bingo tickets used for playing 80-ball or 90-ball bingo.

75 ball bingo

75 Ball Bingo Rules – How to Play

75-ball bingo is played with 75 bingo balls on which numbers from 1 to 75 are printed. The numbers are randomly chosen by the system and players can see on their tickets whether they have the drawn number or not. The bingo ticket of 75-ball bingo game has 5×5 lines filled with random numbers between 1 and 75. The winner of the game is the player who will get the winning combination that can vary from one bingo site to another. Sometimes, users need to have all of the numbers on their tickets marked off, while other times they should get a certain pattern. Once one of the users scores a BINGO, the game session ends and players can leave the room or buy tickets for the next game.

Bingo Sites That Offer 75 Ball Bingo

Even though there are numerous bingo sites on the Internet, not all of them offer 75-ball bingo games. However, since this particular bingo variant is very popular among players, there are many bingo sites that offer their customers the chance to enjoy 75-ball bingo 24/7.

For example, some of the all time favourite bingo sites such as Bet365 Bingo, 888 Ladies Bingo and William Hill Bingo feature one or more 75-ball bingo rooms. Usually, the bingo sites powered by Dragonfish software have this bingo variant. Therefore, users who join Butterfly Bingo, Gossip Bingo or Fancy Bingo will also be able to try 75-ball bingo games.

75 ball

What Prizes are Available in 75 Ball Bingo?

Unlike other bingo games that have the same winning combinations every time, 75-ball bingo games can have several combinations that can win players prizes. Usually, in British 75-ball bingo players need to complete one, two, three, four and, finally, five lines of numbers on their ticket. The player that will cover all the numbers is the winner and gets the pot prize, while the first players to score one, two, three or four lines get smaller prizes.

The other variant of 75-ball bingo is also known as pattern bingo. When playing this game, players try to get the predetermined winning pattern that can be one of the countless possible combinations; for example, the winning pattern sometimes has a shape of a snake. Pattern 75-ball bingo is closer to American players, since this variant is mostly played in the USA. Nevertheless, it can be found at many UK bingo sites.

Progressive Jackpots in 75 Ball Bingo

Usually, 75-ball bingo games offer more than one prize; besides the small prizes for wins like one or two lines, users get the main pot prize when they score a bingo and they can win progressive jackpots as well. The pot amount depends on the number of players and can be as small as £1-5 or go over £20 if the particular bingo room is popular among the players. The jackpots can be progressives or fixed. However, winning a jackpot is always great since for 1p ticket users can win big amount of money. For example, Wink Bingo offers a progressive jackpot 75-ball bingo game called Moneyball. If the winner hits the winning pattern in 34 calls she/he will get the progressive jackpot that starts from £250.

How to Buy Tickets?

The ticket prices at bingo sites always vary no matter where you want to play. Hence, sometimes there are 1p bingo tickets for 75-ball bingo games and sometimes the ticket price can be £1. The ticket price usually depends on the popularity of the room, the pot prize and the jackpot amount. Furthermore, there are free 75-ball bingo rooms in which players can play for free and win real cash.