Chat Bingo Games Guide

Bingo has always been attracting a lot of people. There are plenty of land based bingo halls where people gather to play bingo; the game is so popular that it is also broadcasted on TV.

The biggest reason for the popularity of bingo is that it is easy and simple to play and can make you an instant millionaire. This game of luck is also available for play on the Internet.

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There are a lot of online bingo sites that offer various types of bingo games including chat games and slots/ instant wins. The bingo games that attract a lot of crowd are the chat games. They are one of the biggest reasons why people tend to play bingo online. They are played within ongoing bingo games via the chat window and can win you some extra cash or other rewards. Moreover, bingo chat games give players a strong feel of belonging to a bingo community. Continue reading to learn more about bingo chat games.

What are Bingo Chat Games?

As already mentioned, bingo chat games are player exclusively within ongoing bingo games through the chat window. Chat moderators announce the games and since many players use auto daub to mark off drawn numbers on their bingo cards, players can give their full attention to chat games as well as side games.

Bingo chat games give bingo players the opportunity to win free bonus cash with little or no investment. They also allow players to interact among each other. There are bingo sites that require a minimum deposit of £5 or £10 to be eligible to play chat games. Others allow all players to play the chat games as long as they have an active bingo ticket. Before you decide to play bingo chat games, make sure you check the rules and see whether you qualify for the games.

Some of the rewards given in these games are freerolls or unredeemable bonus cash that can be used to buy pickets. The idea behind bingo chat games is to give players a fun way to earn extra prizes and keep them coming back for more.

Variations of Bingo Chat Games

Bingo chat games are under constant innovation so it is hard to keep track of all variations. However, generally speaking, they fall into these three categories: Trivia, Buddies and Numbers. There are also many subcategories of them.

The bingo chat games that require roomies to answer general questions asked by the chat moderator belong to the Trivia category. Winners Trivia, for example, is a bingo chat game available at Winner Bingo where players answer questions related to culture, history, politics and so on.

Buddies bingo chat games require the pairing of two players in the chat room. They are usually subdivided into Up-Down Buddies, Birthday Buddies, Alphabet Buddies etc. For example, in the last version players whose username starts with the same letter as the bingo winner are given various prizes.

Bingo chat games that fall into the category of Numbers are related to the actual bingo game. Some number-related chat games are Birthday, Winning Number, Eggs Up, First Ball Out etc. In Winning Number, for instance, players predict the last ball called.

There are also themed bingo chat games that are often introduced during the FIFA World Cup or other important events like Valentine’s Day.

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Top Bingo Sites to Play Chat Games

The following are one of the best online bingo sites where you can play fun and thrilling bingo chat games:

  • Cheeky Bingo. This Dragonfish-powered online bingo site offers excellent chat games where you can get your hands on extra CPs. Some of them include Slides and Swings, You’re My Sweetie, Be My Friend and Cheeky Grin among others.
  • Winner Bingo. There are 16 bingo chat games available at Playtech-powered Winner Bingo. These include I Spy, Big Breakfast, Missing World etc. The site gives £25 bonus instantly to all new players.
  • Ladbrokes Bingo. The bingo site is run by well-known and experienced online gaming company that also offers other gambling products. Its bingo chat games give £1 bonus funds to players and some of the games are Trivia, Guess Who, Anagrams, I Spy and so on.