Progressive Jackpot Bingo Game Guide and FAQ

Bingo players love big jackpots and winning valuable prizes with cheap bingo tickets. That’s why online bingo sites started featuring progressive jackpot games that offer huge jackpot amounts that can be won by purchasing 1p, 10p or 50p bingo tickets.

The progressive jackpots increase every time a player buys a ticket and there are jackpots that can make someone richer for amazing sums of £5,000+!

progressive jackpots

What are Progressive Jackpot Bingo Games?

Bingo games that, beside the pot prize, offer jackpot prize which is constantly increasing are also known as progressive jackpot bingo games. This means that certain percentage of every bought ticket goes to that progressive jackpot amount resulting in some mouth watering cash prizes. Progressive jackpot bingo games are very popular among players; hence, every bingo site has at least one of these games. For example, customers at Sing Bingo can join two progressive jackpot rooms: 90-ball Rock the House PJP and 75-ball Music Note & Diamond PJP. Some other bingo sites at which players can hope to win the progressive jackpots are 888 Ladies Bingo, Kitty Bingo as well as Castle Bingo.

How to Join 

Customers who want to play some of the progressive bingo games have to buy tickets using money from their bingo accounts. The progressive jackpot games are open only to funded players who bought tickets for the particular game. Players should find the progressive jackpot game they want to take part and select the tickets they wish to purchase. After they buy one or more tickets they need to wait for the game to begin and carefully see how the game develops. Progressive jackpot games usually feature a chat window; hence, players can also chat with other users in the room or with the chat moderators. If nobody wins the jackpot, the game continues until somebody scores a bingo and wins the pot prize which is usually much smaller than the progressive jackpot.

progressive jackpot games

What are the Ticket Prices?

Ticket prices for regular bingo games and progressive jackpot games are pretty much the same. Progressive jackpot games also offer regular prize pots and the only difference is that the progressive jackpot is won if a player scores bingo after a certain number of balls is drawn. For example, there are rules for some progressive jackpot games that say only a user who will mark off all the numbers in 36 or less drawn numbers (out of 90) will win the progressive jackpot. Therefore, these games are the same as the other games and the ticket prices vary; there are 1 penny bingo tickets, 30p bingo tickets, £1 bingo tickets and other prices.

How Big are the Progressive Jackpot Prizes?

The progressive jackpot amount obviously changes almost every second. Usually, there is a seeding guaranteed jackpot of £300, £500 or even £1,000 and that amount is growing continually; the more popular the bingo room, the bigger the jackpot amount is. Also, if a particular room is part of a linked progressive jackpot game, then the jackpot amount can be a life-changing money prize. For example, Kitty Bingo currently has six bingo progressives: 90-ball (£10,840), 75-ball (£8,109), Lucky Number (£10.07), Magic Number (£58.69), High Cut (£53.25) and Low Cut (£67.52). These progressive bingo games show how different progressive jackpots can be and how important is to choose popular and crowded bingo rooms. Nevertheless, when there are many players in a single room your chances to win are a bit low.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Even though the main feature of bingo sites is the bingo games, many bingo sites also offer slots. Slot games offer a lot of fun by spinning the slot reels and hoping to hit some of the winning combinations. Slots, just like some bingo games, sometimes offer progressive jackpots. Depending whether the progressive jackpot is linked together with other sites or it is open only to users of a particular bingo site, the jackpot amounts can be huge or life-changing. For example, the slots at Little Miss Bingo offer progressive jackpots from £5,000 (Fish Toons) to £20,000 (Treasures of Egypt), whereas players at Robin Hood Bingo can win over £1,729,000 on a single spin on the well-known Millionaire Genie slot.